Our story

Our domain

A tradition passed down from generation to generation

For four generation until 1982, the Domaine du Cros had just one hectare of vineyard and produced about 4000 bottles a years.



  • Starting 1982, the surfaces areas were increased. As well as buying and renting older vineyards, we planted on our best hillsides, some of wich have a slope of 60 percent even 65 percent.


  • In 1984, we created a father and son agricultural corporation on three hectares of vineyards, and we constructed a wine storehouse where we vat and rake the wine by gravity. The bottle storage room is located below the storehouse. This room is now air conditioned.
  • From 1984 to 2021, we continued to purchase and to rent older vineyards our surface areas has gone from three  hectares to thirty hectares.

Teulier family

Philippe et Julien Teulier vignerons domaine du cros

Philippe, Julien, Adrienne

Grape variety

Mansois, wich is the local name for Fer Servadou. This is the only one grape variety used in our A.O.C (guaranted vintage) wine. Of the twenty two hectares, 19,5 hectares used for A.O.C production, one hectare does not yet produce, and 1,5 hectares is used for table wine (this figures are approximate).


The vignification

It is long (20, 25 days) for the A.O.C wines. The process takes place in stainless steel thermoregulated vats.

The wine from our younger vineyards (over 25 years on the average) are more supple, yet solid and represent our basic vintages. These wines have a berry (black current, rasberry) flavour.

The special vintages produced from our old vineyards (50 to 80 years older) are more structures, solid wines and spice flavours.

After an 18 month maturation in casks, they are bottled. Sale takes place one month after bottling. This wine are ideal for ageing; they will reach full quality end develop their secondary flavours only after three or four years. They can also be enjoyed young because they have ball the primary black currant and rasberry flavours of our grape variety. The choice is yours !